Joey Stylez & Carsen Gray “Neverland”

The official music video for the track Neverland has been completed! Over two thousand frames of animation and a ton of editing later on, the video is now online!

Joey Stylez & Carsen Gray in Neverland, animation by Will HOFF.

Fire, Rap and Cucumbers

It’s the end of the summer, a summer spent eating too many freezies, working in a greenhouse, animating and looking out for wildfires. This season I lived in Oliver BC staying at a house on an orchard and working in a greenhouse.

Oliver Testalinden Fire
The BC wildfire situation was crazy this season with one fire coming dangerously close, burning the fence leading to the orchard. Me and my partner Maki had to evacuate August 14th and took off into the night at because Search and Resue knocked on the door and told us we should leave! Param, the owner of the orchard, put the sprinklers on and that’s where the fire stopped. In the weeks since this happened the air quality is still not good with little spot fires cropping up. The picture I took of our backyard made it to the Vancouver Sun Newspaper documenting the Oliver wildfires.

Oliver Testalinden Fire August 14 2015 Oliver Testalinden Fire August 14 2015 - Oliver Testalinden Fire August 14 2015

Joey Stylez and Carsen Gray Neverland
I got the offer from rap entrepenuer and visual artist Joey Stylez to do an animated music video! After doing animation work for musician Jon Pelletier, I decided to post snippets of what I did onto Instagram. Joey Stylez noticed and approached me about the possibility of doing an animation for a music video. He sent me a few songs and I decided to go with the track called Neverland. This is still a work in progress and it’s going frame by frame. I have been a fan of Joey Stylez since 2011 hearing his Kool Running song on the radio while working at a hotel in Whitehorse.

Joey Stylez Neverland Animation Neverland-Freeze-Frame-2
Here’s a freeze frame from the animation, as you can see in the second photo the feather has faint lines from the previous frame so you can see where you need to go next with the animation.

Working at 14K Greenhouses

I got a job working for Al and Linda at 14K Greenhouses in Oliver. In the cucumber houses I twisted the cucumbers up a string so they would grow vertically, took off extra shoots (known as suckering) and took off dead leafs and funky cucumbers. I also got to wrap cucumbers with that clear plastic wrap, a special skill to do that right. The tomato house needed constant picking, de-leafing, and suckering. Now work is wrapping up a little work is trickling in for the table variety grape Concord. I got to work with my mom, cousin Thomas and friends making it a nice time.

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