The Martian Campfire Remix

Under wraps for months this remix has been released to the public because of a request through the Freedom of Remix Act. Fly Sugar Money’s debut album Real Martian Trap was a success, now there’s a remix to The Martian Campfire! New verses from the HOFF, Pacewon of Outsidaz and Daniel Larusso of Karate Kids.

For the price of a small coffee you get to help keep the funk alive and receive DIGITAL AUDIO DOWNLOAD of the Remix for your MP3 Player/Tablet/Smartphone AAC, treasures in heaven not guaranteed.

Buy Now $2 CAD

After payment you’ll get a top-secret email to enable access to the Audio Download below:


Hook: lil Jay
Verse 1: Pacewon
Verse 2: HOFF
Verse 3: Daniel Larusso
Beat loops, Producer: Will Hoffman
Bass, Audio Engineer: Jon Pelletier

Camera 1: Will Hoffman
Camera 2: Jon Pelletier
Urban Dance: Jake Evans
Special Thanks: James Iwasuk
Animation & Editing: Will Hoffman

Wayne’s got the funk.

Andrew’s got the funk.

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