The Martian Campfire Remix

Under wraps for months this remix has been released to the public because of a request through the Freedom of Remix Act. Fly Sugar Money’s debut album Real Martian Trap was a success, now there’s a remix to The Martian Campfire! New verses from the HOFF, Pacewon of Outsidaz and Daniel Larusso of Karate Kids.

The Martian Campfire Remix

Motion Picture Industry

March 3rd 2016 I took part in a Motion Picture Industry Orientation Workshop in Westbank. I qualified for a bursary from The Kelowna Film Society which is awesome! Over 2 days we got an overview of the Motion Picture Industry from a very successful producer who produced Scary Movie 3 among others.

Neverland Animation

Here’s a video I animated and directed for Joey Stylez and Carsen Gray for their song “Neverland”.